Kindergarten Course

kindergarten courses with teacher and children Music kindergarten is the first of our courses. The earlier a child is exposed to music the better the long term benefits. The kindergarten course is designed with very young children in mind. Children can start attending this course from the age of three.

A child’s first experience with music is of paramount importance and will influence his/her musical journey. We create an enjoyable and nurturing environment by making our courses  educational and also fun for pupils and parents alike.

The music kindergarten course has been developed bearing in mind that all children are born musical and that parents play a crucial role in nurturing their child’s musical development. Children are grouped according to age. Age appropriate material, including singing games and dances, are used to awaken in the child a sense of musicality. One parent/guardian will be present and involved with their child during each of the classes.

In addition to the educational benefits, the kindergarten music course promotes self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. The course also provides a much needed social outlet for very young children. Children who meet for the first time on our kindergarten courses often enjoy lifelong friendships!

Quite a number of children of parents, who themselves were once chidren in the school, are enrolled in our kindergarten programme….If that is not an indication of our excellence in fostering a love of music, then we don’t know what is!

Our kindergarten programme is of great benefit to children wishing to move on to learn an instrument at a later stage. The course offers a solid musical foundation for children and prepares them for the next step….. the pre-instrumental course.

Pre-Instrumental Course

Pre-Instrumental ClassFollowing on from the music kindergarten course, where your child will have assimilated the fundamentals of music, the pre-instrumental course is the next exciting and fun-filled stage. The course is ideal for children aged between 4 and 6 years. (It is preferable that your child will have completed the kindergarten course before embarkinging on this next stage. However, this is a ‘stand alone’ course and does not necessarily require completion of the kindergarten course.)

During this course your child will acquire all the musical tools necessary to begin learning an instrument.

By using voice and movement your child will develop musical intonation and motor co-ordination. First-hand opportunities to perform music in the classroom enviornment increase children’s self-expression and emotional health. Our aim is for every child to have the opportunity to grow their musical potential. We hope to inspire a love of music which extends far beyond the classroom and into adult life.

During this course your child will become familiar with concepts including phrasing, rhythm, pitch, improvisation and composition. By the end of the course your child will be able to understand and notate short musical extracts.

Musicianship Courses

MusicianshipMusicianship courses begin at post pre-instrumental level and continue to leaving certificate/diploma level.

Our musicianship programmes are designed both to enrich the study of an instrument and, in the later stages,  help pupils prepare for Junior and Leaving Certificate school music examinations.

Children learn to read, write and understand music in a structured and systematic way. Musicianship classes include music theory, ear training, dictation, sight-singing, improvisation and composition.

An essential tool for practical music performance, musicianship courses also help children to develop transferable skills useful in many other areas of learning, including maths, sciences and all forms of communication. Furthermore, musicianship training encourages a true appreciation of all forms of art.

Piano Tuition

Piano LessonInstrumental instruction is at the heart of what we do at the Music School of Meath. We specialise in piano only. By creating a nurturing atmosphere tailored to the pupil’s own learning style and ability, our teachers are able to assess each child’s technical and musical strengths and weaknesses. In this way we can ensure the optimal progress of each of our pupils.

A strong relationship between teacher and pupil is the cornerstone of instrumental tuition at the Music School of Meath. Each teacher endeavours to bring the best out of each pupil.

For pupils who feel they would benefit from taking formal music exams we are happy to help. We have been preparing children for Royal Irish Academy of Music exams since the school opend its doors in 1994.

Junior & Leaving Certificate Courses

Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate coursesThe Music School of Meath has a proven track record in helping students achieve their potential in the Junior and Leaving Certificate music examinations. We help our students to develop their knowledge, creativity and confidence, by way of exam focused learning, to maximize their exam outcomes.