About the Music School of Meath

The Music School of Meath (Ceolscoil na Mí) was established in 1994 by Séadna Franklin and is the largest school of music in County Meath.

We have designed our courses carefully to provide the highest quality education for the very young beginner through to students at an advanced stage in their musical journey. Begining with music kindergarten, all our courses are tightly integrated to ensure a supportive enviornment conducive to consistent learning.

In addition to individual musical development the school prepares children for the Royal Irish Academy of Music graded examination system. Pupils have consistently achieved exceptional results across the entire spectrum of exams from Elementary Grade to Senior Certificate/Diploma levels.

The school has been responsible for the musical education of countless children from Meath and its surrounding counties. Many of our students have gone on to successfully pursue careers in music. For all, music has been an integral part of their intellectual and emotional development.